Hi there!¬†ūüĎč
I'm Nicole, I started my journey in UX design back in early 2019 while I was working at Hootsuite as a Facilities Coordinator. There I had the chance to participate in a mentorship program and was paired up with a senior UX designer. From my mentor, I gained insight into the industry that solidified my interest to pursue UX. 
To test the waters, I started self-learning through some online courses, but after some time felt that I needed to really immerse myself into the subject in order to succeed. 
I decided to take three months off from work and signed up with BrainStation for the Winter 2020 term. That created a great foundation for me to continue honing my skills and take on more projects after graduation. 
As of now I'm working on a research project at Hootsuite on accessibility learning and implementation. Eventually I will be responsible for redesigning the information architecture and formulating a content strategy for our company accessibility namespace in Confluence - it's really exciting to continue my growth and work with real designers, developers and product managers.
I am currently looking for opportunities to grow with a collaborative team. If you want to learn more about me, my projects, or just have a coffee chat, feel free to reach out!
Looking forward to hearing from you!
Thank you!
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